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Yine bir TechEd haberi ile karşınızdayım :) Ama bu sefer TechEd Africa!
17-20 Ekim'de Durban'da yapılacak TechEd Africa'da üç oturumla konuşmacı
olarak bulunacağım. Aranızda gelenler varsa haber vermeyi unutmayın ;)

Speaking at TechEd Africa 2011
Speaking at TechEd Africa 2011

Oturumların açıklamalarını direk İngilizce alıyorum aşağıya ;) Türkçe'ye
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Microsoft Silverlight, WCF RIA Services and Your Business Objects
Level: 200 - Intermediate
You already know how to start with Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework
and WCF RIA Services. But you feel like it never fits into your own
architectural design or maybe you have already an extensive investment
in your own business objects and can’t imagine how that will fit into
the scene. This session focuses on communicating your Silverlight
application with your own existing business objects using WCF RIA

Social Gaming with Windows Phone and Azure
Level: 300 - Advanced
This session will help you to quickly get started building new social
games in Windows Azure. The social gaming market continues to grow and
become more profitable, and predications tell us it will increase to
$1.32 billion in revenues by 2012 (up from $856 million in 2010). To
help you quickly tap into this market, Windows Azure can help you build
social games on Windows Phone 7 storing user profiles, maintaining
leader boards, in-app purchasing, and so forth. The Windows Azure
platform provides game developers with on-demand compute, storage,
content delivery and networking capabilities so that you can focus on
your game development not the underlying infrastructure.

Debugging HTML5 Websites with F12 in Windows Internet Explorer 9
Level: 300 - Advanced
Are you a web developer or designer already started with HTML5
development? Or are you just someone who is curious when a web page
doesn’t act appropriately? Take advantage of your curiosity and use the
developer tools that are available for free in Internet Explorer 9 with
a simple stroke of the F12 key. Learn things like why document mode is
important and its effect on a rendered page, how to un-minimize and
debug a gaggle of JavaScript, as well as how to use the tools to do
quick changes to a page as you prototype.

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